Are Booking Websites Getting Too Big?

I started a bed and breakfast in 2010 after 2 years of work renovating a house and having literally no money left to borrow as all my credit cards had been maxed out completely.

Most of the local bed and breakfast accommodation owners had warned me that the business had gotten a lot harder to make money it over the previous 10 years. But I pressed on, thinking that they just do not want the competition.

Many running costs involved in running a B&B I had already factored in, but there was eqaully many factors I did not antisipate.  

The Booking Agent Charges

When starting out at least, your bed and breakfast website will have no traffic. Even though it may have a pretty home page and an enticing booking engine to tempt visitors with, there is still not point in it existing with no traffic.

All small accommodation owners then cannot comptete will the large hotel chains so they have to turn to booking websites. The most popular of these sites are listed below:



All of these chains charge at least 15% of the total booking payment as their commision. 

The problem is what I have found it that because they have such a huge SEO and advertising PPC (Google pay per click) budget that even now which is 6 years after I openned my place, I am still unable to compete with them and therefore still heavily depend on bookings being sent to me from their sites. 

This has put pressure on the small business owner with them not being able to use profits to expand or improve their business. With the agents only getting bigger this is only going to continue. is the largest of these and they own several other booking websites which are slowly taking over the internet and page 1 in searches.

Fighting Back

I have started an SEO service for my website but I have also started to urge regular guests to book direct on our website instead of through their normal way of bookimg through the agents.

Hopefully this has helped you and good luck against the big booking companies.

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An Experience From The Eyes Of A Traveler

Travelling is the best form of recreation available. Writing about travelling is also a great form of job where one is paid for. This is however not something that is possible for everyone to enjoy. Travelling writer is all about explaining some memorable travelling experiences and sharing it with everyone possible in order to encourage them to go and visit the place. The person provides the reviews for any particular hotels or restaurants in order to encourage travelers to visit the place further.

The Other Benefits

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The Best Thing About It

When a traveler write down his experience it actually gives them a chance to go back and read through all the lines mentioned there in order to remember about all the times when he actually visited the place. One of the best things about writing about the experience of travelling is to get all the payment of the journey travelled. This is also a great source of the extra income that one can receive with the benefit of travelling the whole world without any thought of the expenses spent. The flights that take us are much upgraded along with the tickets to any show that we have to write about. There is an extra benefit of this that includes the extra special treatment one receives. This journey can be more exciting for those who are busy with adventures around the world. There is a possibility of encountering some amazing stories around the world. These include sleeping on the ferries or on trains. The fun of sharing your own food with the local people is also included.

Travel By Road

The best kind of feeling is that of travelling by road. The only thing to worry about then will that is of what is the particular train that one is supposed to take and what the further timings are. There will be no worrying of the destination to travel for. It is kind of the best experience that one faces. The kind of travelling makes one realize the fact that he is still capable of living life according to his terms.

End note

There is however many such stories and experiences that one needs to share with others. There will be stories more to share with others in the near future. Thus it can be said that writing about travelling is the best thing that can happen to anyone. The best part as has been said is to get paid for all the journeys travelled by a writer.